The African Chamber of Commerce of Texas, Inc. (ACCT) is a non-profit corporation, with a Texas charter #01622395. ACCT is headquartered in Austin, Texas.


ACCT believes that lasting, meaningful furtherance of economic development efforts is predicated on the equitable sharing of world resources, along with the preservation and maintenance of a healthy and fair business environment. Furtherance of economic opportunities in a global economy also requires an informed and involved public where everyone participates in decisions which affect the common good for self-reliance, sustainability, and prosperity. The cornerstone of ACCT is “Trade And Investment.”


The African Chamber of Commerce of Texas was established in march of 2001, and was brought about in response to the growing number of African businesses in Austin and across the State of Texas. ACCT comprised of a Board of Directors, allied businesses and individual members.


The mission of ACCT is to provide a community based, multi cultural center, in matters pertaining to the overall welfare of its members or Africans; to build a broad base coalition of groups and individuals representing the diversity of our business community by providing training and matchmaking assistance to African owned businesses; and to network with other African, American and international chambers of commerce in Texas, and around the country and the continent of Africa.

Why is your interest in ACCT valuable?

United We Stand; Divided We Fall
With your participation in ACCT, you become one of the contributors toward the building and advocacy of “Trade And Investment” movement.

Contact Us

African Chamber of Commerce of Texas, Inc
900 Blackson, suite
Austin, Tx 78761-5704


ACCT vision is to promote and trade investments between African owned business, with American Businesses and the continent of Africa.

What ACCT can do for you

As a member, you will enjoy all the benefits that ACCT offers including but not limited to:
-Cultural Awareness
-Business Development

How you can help ACCT

You can donate to your time and expertise directly to ACCT, as we are often looking for individuals to assist us with our own operations. Please give us a call if you would like to volunteer your services in areas such as publications, event coordination, outreach, fund raising, donations, office work and more. Your help would allow us to expand and develop more sophisticated services. You can make a difference. Join us today!

President–Sylvester Omo Idehen
Vice President–Dr. Paul Anaejionu
Secretary–Dr. Gabriel NGuesson
Treasurer–Konan P. Yao
Assistant Treasurer–Mollin Ziwira
Public Relations–Norris Giwa Salvador
Vice Public Relations–Dr. Franklin Imarhiagbe